Welcome to English Baking In America

Welcome to English Baking In America…lets get started!!!

You do not have to be a domestic goddess to be able to bake – trust me I am no Bree Van de Kamp.

In my experience, all you require is the desire to get your hands into the mixing bowl, the ability to rub flour into butter, patience, some tried and trusted recipes and reliable ingredients. Of course an array of baking pans also help, as will a set of kitchen scales – and if you are here then you are probably interested in making some English fare.

English cakes are plain, elegant and satisfying. At their best they are comforting, satisfying, loaded with butter and steeped in history and heritage.

Vicoria Sponge

My weekly blog will cover everything you will need to know to make the wonderful baked goods that are enjoyed regularly across the pond, including:

  • recipes from some of Englands best bakers (I have adapted them slightly to make them work with ingredients available in the US),
  • potential problems when using a recipe from England
  • hints and tips for English baking
  • checklists
  • the history behind some Englands favorite cakes and biscuits

So lets get you going on how to bake the English way….stay tuned!!!!