Fudging it up – part 1

So many baking blogs and websites show the perfect photo of the perfect cake, with the perfect ingredients set on the perfect plate…it is after all a perfect world, isn’t it?

Sadly no, things are good but they are not always perfect and so I wanted to share some of my own personal stories with you of when things are not perfect and go horribly wrong in the kitchen. We are not just talking a little wrong here, I am talking throw it away and never want to make it again wrong.

For me it is more than okay when things don’t work out quite as I had hoped or planned in the kitchen.  My many baking ‘mishaps’ have taught me a great deal – what went wrong, why it went wrong, which recipe books to avoid and things I never want to try ever again, not ever, in particular making fudge.

It is with this particular disaster in mind I have chosen to title this post ‘fudging it up’.

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