Fudging it up – part 2

Last week I told you all about the disaster I had when making fudge, and the many valuable lessons I learned from the experience. This week I continue with my tale of woe with three more baking mishaps.

Steamed Pudding

I was so looking forward to my steamed pudding with jam. I pulled out my tried and trusted Mary Berry cookbook, added all the ingredients and waited patiently while it merrily steamed away.

As an American my husband had never had a steamed pudding before and I was trying to get him excited by the prospect. I chatted incessantly for an hour about how wonderful this creation would be on a cold winters night, and everyone in England just loves a good steamed pudding.

After an hour the timer went off, I raced over to the cooker, took the pudding basin out, got a plate, turned the whole lot upside down and watched as the pudding slipped beautifully out of the bowl, onto the plate and looked just like it did in the cookery book.

Sadly though that was where the similarities ended, my husband took one mouthful and pulled a face. “So do you like it”? I asked enthusiastically. He pointed to the plate and asked if it always tasted like that? So I took a mouthful and that was enough for me. My beautiful jam steamed pudding was basically a salt bomb, so salty that my husband and I could barely eat a second bite.

Now, many English recipes call for self raising flour (aka self-rising flour in the US), and it turns out self rising flour in America contains salt…around 1/2 teaspoon per cup…and there was me thinking it was just the name that was different. Given I had added additional salt as per the recipe, it was a disaster.

Lesson learned, but I will make it again.

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Fudging it up – part 1

So many baking blogs and websites show the perfect photo of the perfect cake, with the perfect ingredients set on the perfect plate…it is after all a perfect world, isn’t it?

Sadly no, things are good but they are not always perfect and so I wanted to share some of my own personal stories with you of when things are not perfect and go horribly wrong in the kitchen. We are not just talking a little wrong here, I am talking throw it away and never want to make it again wrong.

For me it is more than okay when things don’t work out quite as I had hoped or planned in the kitchen.  My many baking ‘mishaps’ have taught me a great deal – what went wrong, why it went wrong, which recipe books to avoid and things I never want to try ever again, not ever, in particular making fudge.

It is with this particular disaster in mind I have chosen to title this post ‘fudging it up’.

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